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Hitting the Reboot Button

The wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead unknown 2021 saw some pivotal changes for me and although I had been sharing plenty of family dramas and triumphs with you over the last few years, it is now time for me to press the reboot button. Waking the Wombat was born back in 2014: […]

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This Retreating Wombat

And so it came to pass that the little hairy-nosed wombat emerged from a deep, long slumber. She sleepily made her way to the mouth of the burrow and blinked in the bright summer sun; it’s been way too long she thought to herself – time to face the world. It really has been way […]

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Stranger Danger – Wombat & Cosmos

Recently I met up with someone I’ve met online – that’s right, on the internet!  How does a straighty-one-eighty like me end up doing something so risky? No, I haven’t signed up to an online dating or social site; nor have I been swiping right? (or is it left, I have no idea!) No, nothing […]