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Hitting the Reboot Button

The wheel is spinning but the hamster is deadunknown 2021 saw some pivotal changes for me and although I had been sharing plenty of family dramas and triumphs with you over the last few years, it is now time for me to press the reboot button. Waking the Wombat was born back in 2014: “Life…

Fallen Giant

After a series of winter storms, and on a perfectly calm day, a huge gum tree uprooted itself and thumped across the footpath by the lake. It’s a good job nonone was underneath it at the time. I was reminded of a poem by Shirley Hughes; one I mentioned before back in 2017. A big…

A Photo a Week Challenge: Reflections

For this week’s challenge I’ve taken a dip into the archives as I’m currently in a COVID-19 lockdown and confined to barracks. I attended a photography workshop on this very topic back in 2019 hosted by the Brisbane Photography Group and here are a couple of my experimental shots. This shop front shows the designer…

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