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Fallen Giant

After a series of winter storms, and on a perfectly calm day, a huge gum tree uprooted itself and thumped across the footpath by the lake. It’s a good job nonone was underneath it at the time. I was reminded of a poem by Shirley Hughes; one I mentioned before back in 2017. A big […]

A Photo a Week Challenge: Reflections

For this week’s challenge I’ve taken a dip into the archives as I’m currently in a COVID-19 lockdown and confined to barracks. I attended a photography workshop on this very topic back in 2019 hosted by the Brisbane Photography Group and here are a couple of my experimental shots. This shop front shows the designer […]

A Photo a Week Challenge: Unedited

It has been several weeks (some might say months) since I posted anything on my site (thanks for sticking by me). You see, this wombat is going through some significant change in her life so has been keeping a low profile. I thought I’d use the theme of this week’s challenge to ease back into […]

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