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The Gift of Yoga

For Mother’s Day this year, the kids gave me a voucher for an introductory offer to a local yoga studio. The offer was unlimited classes for a month. I have taken full advantage of this and have tried out various yoga practices as well as pilates classes, yoga for back care, and a ‘roll and […]

And now for something completely different

At the end of March, life changed in Australia as it did for so many other countries around the world. Covid-19 saw to that, changing our lives, the way we live and the way we interact with each other. Australia has weathered the pandemic storm relatively well thanks to the low density of our population […]

Menopause Don’t Shout!

When I published my post ‘Menopause We Need To Talk’ I ended it with ‘I’ll keep you posted’. Here we are SEVEN MONTHS later (how did that happen?) and an update is ridiculously overdue. After a visit to my GP, I decided to give myself until the end of the year (that was 2019). I’d […]

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