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A Photo a Week Challenge: Reflections

For this week’s challenge I’ve taken a dip into the archives as I’m currently in a COVID-19 lockdown and confined to barracks. I attended a photography workshop on this very topic back in 2019 hosted by the Brisbane Photography Group and here are a couple of my experimental shots. This shop front shows the designer […]

A Photo a Week Challenge: Unedited

It has been several weeks (some might say months) since I posted anything on my site (thanks for sticking by me). You see, this wombat is going through some significant change in her life so has been keeping a low profile. I thought I’d use the theme of this week’s challenge to ease back into […]

A Break for the border

Australia has been spared the COVID-19 impact felt by the rest of the world. We are extremely fortunate although that is no comfort to the families of the 910 people who have lost their lives to this terrible virus. If you are a regular follow (thank you) you will have read that our family experienced […]

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