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A Break for the border

Australia has been spared the COVID-19 impact felt by the rest of the world. We are extremely fortunate although that is no comfort to the families of the 910 people who have lost their lives to this terrible virus. If you are a regular follow (thank you) you will have read that our family experienced […]

Returning Wombat

I’ve been feeling out of sorts, since Monday the 1st of February 2016 to be precise. That’s 1,862 days – I worked it out. The day Chief and I left Adelaide for a new life in Brisbane – the day I checked out of being a hands-on Mum and the day I became not me. […]

And That Was That

And so it came to pass that on Sunday 22nd November 2020, eight months later than originally planned and third time lucky, the happy couple were FINALLY wed at a winery in the Adelaide Hills. The relief and joy were overwhelming and tears were shed. There were some big names unable to attend including Chief […]

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