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Life – part 2. After living the first 39 years of my life in England, we – that is my husband and I – made the life changing decision to up sticks and seek out a new life on the other side of the globe. With two children and a grandfather clock in tow, we set up camp not far from the coast of South Australia and have never looked back.

That was in 2005 and now that the red dust has settled on the first few years of our new life in Australia, I thought it was about time to do some sharing.

I love reading & porridge and when ever I can get it, peace and quiet. I try to keep myself in good shape by some form of fitness and don’t think I’m doing too badly considering I’m practically ‘middle aged’. Photography is also a great love of mine although I am a beginner when it comes to my digital SLR camera.


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Hi Marje, Thanks for popping by and I’m glad you like my blog. I’ll be having some quiet time over the next few weeks but will hope to start posting again mid-October. Bye for now.

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