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This Retreating Wombat

And so it came to pass that the little hairy-nosed wombat emerged from a deep, long slumber. She sleepily made her way to the mouth of the burrow and blinked in the bright summer sun; it’s been way too long she thought to herself – time to face the world.

It really has been way too long. I started blogging in 2014, initially as a way of staying connected to family and friends across the world, but then a wonderful thing happened – I made friends with likeminded bloggers and very quickly I had a circle of new friends; people I wouldn’t have met face to face. It was a wonderful community. We wrote about life ‘stuff’ and somehow connected with each other. It was a hobby and I loved it.

I started to incorporate photography as my love of the camera started to develop. At the same time people were encouraging me to write more, they were enjoying what I wrote. “You should write a book” they said. “Don’t be ridiculous” I thought.

 I was researching creative writing courses to undertake but at the same time the creative juices were drying up. Something had changed. And now here I am, crashing into the end of 2019 with only a handful of posts for the whole year, most of which are photography posts.

It would appear that I have lost my creativity and my blogging direction and wonder if it’s time for me to retreat into my burrow for good.

The blogging world has changed in the five years that I’ve been online. It’s now a saturated space and many bloggers are turning their hobbies into a way of earning a living and hobby bloggers are slowly disappearing – aren’t they? I think it’s time to reassess what this Wombat is all about and why she’s here. It could be time to change direction, find a new theme, or to go private or disappear altogether. 

I’m sure the handful of followers I had have since tired of the silence and turned their attention to a far more meaningful and rewarding space; afterall, we are all searching for maximum satisfaction with the minimum effort. We all change and our needs change with the marching on of the years.

Is anyone actually there?

By Waking the Wombat

Life - part two; Australia. Having spent the first 39 years of my life in England, with two adult children who don't need me so much, a workaholic husband and a head full of stuff waiting to be unleashed, Waking the Wombat is my place to share life's experiences with you.

4 replies on “This Retreating Wombat”

I know exactly how you feel about the blogging world. A few years ago my focus turned to overcoming serious health issues. My Harley riding days seemed over. In four years I’ve had three Harleys and travelled a total of just over 600 kms on them( not a typo). My urge to blog disappeared, seemed there was nothing to write about except feeling miserable. No point in that. Then because of her health issues, I became SWMBO’s official carer. My issues have resolved themselves and SWMBO is now my total focus of attention.

I enjoy reading your occasional blog and I’ve noted the tremendous advances your images show.

However, abandoning the keyboard for other pursuits isn’t a permanent situation and when the time is right, the fingers will dance once again and the mind will go back into overdrive.

I’m looking forward to the day and I’m sure that the Wombat will emerge from the burrow refreshed after z relevant hibernation time.

Hoo roo until then.


Hello friend, I’ve missed your posts too but it’s great to know that you are still there. I can absolutely see how being SWMBO’s full-time carer would take up all of your time so can fully appreciate why you have driven off into the sunset on that Harley, in terms of blogging that is! Thanks for your words of encouragement – that may just be the inspiration I need – Thanks!


It’s just a bit more frenetic than it used to be. There seems to be more emphasis on number of followers, the number of likes and not enough hours in the day to read everyone’s posts – does that make sense?


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