Aussie Life Photography Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC: Farewell Favourites

This is all a bit sad and unexpected I have to say, and as 3Rs of Retirement states, you’ll miss us when we’re gone! It’s been a great challenge to ‘have a go’ at and a wonderful community. I’ve really enjoyed taking part over the last couple of years. And so to my favourites. This […]

Aussie Life Weekly Photo Challenge


For the daily post blogging challenge, I give you the Huntsman! This photograph was taken back in October 2006 and although it’s a scary looking Huntsman, it is a beautiful and rare sight to behold.  I’d popped outside to put some rubbish in the dustbin, opened back the lid and this was the surprise waiting […]

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Operation Huntsman

(I came across this post from last year which I hadn’t quite finished writing but really wanted to share with you) Never tempt fate!  So I did; just passing comment that we hadn’t had a spider in the house for ages which was followed by recounting the time shortly after we had arrived in South […]