Aussie Life Weekly Photo Challenge


For the daily post blogging challenge, I give you the Huntsman!

This photograph was taken back in October 2006 and although it’s a scary looking Huntsman, it is a beautiful and rare sight to behold.  I’d popped outside to put some rubbish in the dustbin, opened back the lid and this was the surprise waiting for me.  A female Huntsman who had secured her sac of about two hundred eggs against the side of the bin.  She then placed a few loving arms over her precious bundle. Mother  Nature at her exquisite best.


15 replies on “Rare”

Ok now I feel like a wimp as I cowered on the sofa last night while a HUGE spider ran across the carpet! I sucked it up with a contraption my Dad bought me – like a reverse hairdryer with a plastic tube. I shook it out in to the rain and hoped it stayed there. Not sure I’d relax much if I lived in Oz 🙂


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