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Square September – Day 3

I’m delighted to have the chance to show off my ‘award winning’ photograph with you again – when I say ‘award winning’ I mean ‘runner up’ but hey! it was the first photography competition I’d entered and was ‘tickled pink’ that my hurried snap turned out pretty okay. You can read all about how I […]

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A New Year Win

Ten days into the new year and I am a winning photographer. I have won the first photographic competition that I’ve ever entered. I am not a unique winner mind you, but one of 40 and I haven’t been notified that I’m the top winner but as this is a year of little steps I […]

Aussie Life Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC: Structure

Following some strong winds in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago, Chief was removing a large palm frond from the swimming pool when he noticed a little gecko floating on it. The little gecko scurried off when Chief tried to remove him and he ended up on the glass panels surrounding the pool. This gave […]