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A New Year Win

Ten days into the new year and I am a winning photographer. I have won the first photographic competition that I’ve ever entered. I am not a unique winner mind you, but one of 40 and I haven’t been notified that I’m the top winner but as this is a year of little steps I am excited about my achievement.

The competition run by My Nikon Life Australia was to submit your best macro or close-up image that captures ‘Life in detail’.

Some of you will know that I am learning to use a digital SLR camera and I hadn’t had my macro lens long when I needed to use it in a hurry. Chief had removed a palm frond from the pool, rescuing a gecko in the process. When the gecko landed on the edge of the pool it scurried up the glass fence panel giving us a perfect view of his under-side and here are the results – including my winning shot.

Gecko innards
Hi there!
The winning shot

And my prize? Double movie pass to see Matt Damon’s film Downsizing. As I said – little steps!

20 replies on “A New Year Win”

Excellent shot and well deserved. Two big successes in a row!
You ever have technical questions on photography you can give me a shout.
I use to follow Leanne Cole in Melbourne, i like her work.

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Thanks! I know and the year isn’t even a month old! I have tonnes of technical questions as at the moment my learning is all self-taught. It’s all about exploring and having fun for me at the moment. Thanks for the tip on Leanne Cole – I’ll look her up – cheers 🙂


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