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Several of you have inquired how my Dad is doing after his unscheduled stop in Dubai.  In case you’ve missed the news, Mum and Dad were flying home from Australia and Dad was taken ill on the flight, and rather than just the two-hour stopover expected, they ended up staying for three weeks. Paramedics were on the plane before the Captain had applied the handbrake, and following preliminary tests, Dad was taken to the medical centre at Dubai airport.


Extensive tests revealed a ‘problem’ heartbeat, and for a time it was looking like a pacemaker would be required.  Instead, Dad was fitted with a total of three stents and following a period of recuperation in a hotel, was given the all clear to continue the journey home to England – exactly three weeks later.

We have all learned something from this experience and in no particular order:

  • Travel insurance is a very good thing.
  • Dubai is a great place to be taken ill.
  • That Filipino health care professionals don’t stop smiling and treated ‘Mr. Richard’ like one of the family.
  • Skype is not permitted in the UAE; thank heavens for WhatsApp.
  • None of us should be flying for longer than 8 hours before having a break (at least one overnight stop).
  • If anyone questions why you are spending so much money on flying business class and decide to travel ‘cattle class’ – totally ignore them, especially if it’s your daughter.
  • Most importantly learn to do EVERYTHING, so when your ‘rock’  isn’t with you, and you have to deal with life’s unexpected challenges, you’ve got this.
  • When you really have to step up to the plate and take over the reins you (or Mum) can actually surprise yourself and do it
  • My Mum doesn’t know this but she is totally one of life’s true Amazon Warriors.

So that’s it, some lessons learned and some takeaways for us all. And Dad?  He’s gaining fitness and pleased to be home even if he does have a mountain of insurance papers to sift through – let Mum do them!

What about you, have you experienced an unexpected travel stop?

By Waking the Wombat

Life - part two; Australia. Having spent the first 39 years of my life in England, with two adult children who don't need me so much, a workaholic husband and a head full of stuff waiting to be unleashed, Waking the Wombat is my place to share life's experiences with you.

11 replies on “Wombat Update”

As the ‘victim’ of Lucy’s blog, I have to confirm the true value in all of the “lessons learnt” and so very impressed at how Lucy has encapsulated the story and the outcomes. After 55 years of happily married life we find that actually we are both ‘rocks ‘ to and for each other in different ways. There is a strong message and lesson to be learnt by all travellers

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Hi Lucy. So sorry to hear the news about your Dad what a shock for both your Mum and Dad, especially when you are travelling home on a plane, and in a strange country. I am so pleased to hear the outcome was a great success and they Obviesley had great medical assistance.. Please pass on our best wishes to them both and that Richard is progressing well. Christie and Tom hadn’t said anything so I didn’t know the news 👌👌 Meredith and Ian


Hi Lucy, so glad to hear your Dad is back home and doing so well, and that your Mum has learnt to take the reins. Beyond lost luggage, I’ve never had to deal with a medical emergency overseas, but I do keep telling Dean where he can find ‘Clare’s notes on everything’ 🙂


Some people will go to any lengths for a free stopover! Although it sounds like it was probably a very expensive stopover and not much sightseeing went on! So pleased your Dad is on the mend, and possibly deserves a holiday with your Mum after all this – how does Cornwall sound? 😀 xx


That’s exactly what i said to him. The weather had been really cold in Adelaide and then non-stop rain in Brisbane so Dad felt deprived of decent sunshine! We used to live in Somerset and Cornwall was just a short hop from there. 😎


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