Photography Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC: Variations on a Theme

Variations on a Theme

Where the ocean meets the land


By Waking the Wombat

Life - part two; Australia. Having spent the first 39 years of my life in England, with two adult children who don't need me so much, a workaholic husband and a head full of stuff waiting to be unleashed, Waking the Wombat is my place to share life's experiences with you.

6 replies on “WPC: Variations on a Theme”

Beautiful captures of the waters in Queensland. Great perspective with the shot of the rocks – you make them look like little mountains. Looks like you went to the beach on a lovely sunny day. Hope you enjoyed the sunshine and water 🙂


Thanks Mabel! It really was a gorgeous day and although it is storm season at the moment, we don’t seem to be getting much rain – yet! My camera has a flip screen so I was able to get right down low to take the rock shot. Glad you liked it 😊

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Great composition, as we have come to expect from your images. Your depth of field in the last image of the big rock is a great choice and our eye doesn’t have any distractions. Go to the tope of the class, again.


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