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Special Places

I’ve recently returned from a three-week trip back to the mother country. It’s been two years since my last trip and that was for when Dad was awarded his MBE and, by special invitation, we made the journey to Buckingham Palace. Here’s a little reminder of that (sorry for the poor quality of the photo […]

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Flying High

In exactly two weeks time I will be flying high above earth as I make my way to the UK for a three-week visit. I’m a little nervous about the flight – not because I have a fear of flying (shouldn’t it be a fear of crashing?) but because I hope I can keep myself […]

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Must Fly

The time has come for me to make my trip to the UK for Dad’s investiture at Buckingham Palace. My suitcase is packed – lightly, but I am travelling with an extensive shopping list from Chief. Spending a total of 22 hours in the air is certainly an endurance test but at the same time, […]