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Social Media Beyond the Grave

I don’t know about you but Facebook has become my personal assistant and go to for remembering birthdays of friends and family. It has even replaced the sending of birthday cards but also opened up the number of birthday wishes received. Of course it hasn’t replaced cards to my close loved ones but it has […]


Gone But Never Forgotten

Today would have been your 47th birthday Paul.  What a long time you have been gone from our lives; thirty years to be exact and boy oh! boy have their been some changes in the world.  Today being your birthday, you would probably be receiving greetings from all your friends on Facebook.  You’d have loved […]

Creative Writing

Dream Reader

It’s been just over 29 years since you left us Paul and if you had just walked through my front door – boy what a different world you would see!  The internet was just a ‘work in progress’ when you passed away in 1985 – we had Space Invaders and Pac-Man and the Sony Walkman.  […]