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Not the Weekly Photo Challenge

Sadly the WPC is no longer and I  miss the community of like-minded bloggers sharing their take on the weekly photography challenge.

Nevertheless, I can still share photos with you and here are the final Bali ones. I have broken all the photography rules in the book – such as the rule of thirds, – but we all know rules are to be broken – right?

man on jetty_resized
local huddle
man and bike_resized
surfboard colour_resized
propped in colour
surfboard mono_resized
propped in monogram
hotel fountain_resize
night lights



5 replies on “Not the Weekly Photo Challenge”

Congratulations for these great images. Just shows how some ‘photographic rules’ just cry out to be broken in order that great images can be produced. Six rippers occupying centre frame and filling same as well. .


I was just thinking the other day about how much I miss the weekly photo challenges too. Itโ€™s great to continue to share our photos but itโ€™s just not the same. Lovely photos!!


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