Aussie Life Weekly Photo Challenge

WPC: Temporary

For this week’s challenge, share a photo that says “temporary” to you. As always, you can take the theme in any direction you see fit — from the natural world to the human, and from the concrete to the abstract.

There is nothing more temporary than the glory of cut flowers – arrangements for table decorations, exquisite bridal bouquets and vases to brighten up hotel lobbies, offices and many a hospital ward. Here a rosebud just beginning to show the signs of decay on the petal tips.

Rose Bud

And just a side note to this week’s challenge – everyone meet Ziggy – my daughter’s new family member who will only be temporarily this cute for a few more weeks before he reaches adulthood.

Photo credit: Eleanor Camp

5 replies on “WPC: Temporary”

That is a fantastic shot of Ziggy Lucy, you must have been so quick to capture him! Love the composition and the depth of field is perfect (like how I did that, DOF, like I know what I’m talking about!!). Hope that you have had a great time in Adelaide and feel all caught up with your daughter 🙂


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