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My Daddy, MBE

I’m so proud I could burst!  My lovely Dad has been recognised in the New Year’s honours list for his fundraising work. He has been awarded an MBE for 30 years of service, raising money for Bloodwise a charity who are ‘here to beat blood cancer.’  Dad has volunteered for Bloodwise since losing his teenage son, my brother Paul, to leukaemia, in 1985.  And when Dad was just a teenage son himself, his mother too, died of leukaemia at the age of 42.  You can see what has driven him to dedicated more than 30 years of his life to a charity so dear to his heart?

If over 30 years of charity service wasn’t enough, he has also been recognised for his service to the community of Thorncombe which makes you a pretty decent bloke Dad!

So, what is an MBE?  It’s an ‘award given by the Queen to an individual for outstanding service to the community or local ‘hands on’ service. The definition of MBE is Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.’ (Source:  

You can read all about Dad’s journey and his involvement with Sir Ian Botham’s charity walks here.

With the official invitation a few months away, I’m hoping to have enough notice to be able to attend as a guest and I’ll certainly need a new frock and hat for that!




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You are rightly proud of your Dad’s MBE. They are not awarded frivously and it’s wonderful that his lengthy charitable efforts have been recognised. Your family undoubtly share your joy at his recognition. I hope you do get the opportunity to be present at the award ceremony wearing your special outfit and classy hat.

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[…] When I stopped to reflect on the meaning of this and to look through the accompanying photos, I realised the enormity of the event and what it meant to our family. You see, Dad has dedicated over 30 years of his life to making a difference; making a difference to decision making, to fund-raising, to event organisation, to family support, and to research. After losing his mother to leukaemia when he was just 13 years old and then his son in 1985, Dad was driven to do something about it. You can read more on this here. […]


Hi Lucy I knew you, your brother Paul and your parents Angela and Richard when we lived in Wriitle and all belonged to the Wriitle Cards Drama Group. I have only just discovered that he was awarded an MBE. Wonderful news, He really deserves it for so many years of hard work. All his friends will be proud of him.
I have been trying to contact Richard to invite both he and Angela to the Writtle Cards Golden Jubilee in May this year but have had no response from his Somerset address . Can you help please. Colin.


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