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Lennox Head

There is nothing better than enjoyng a last minute getaway and that’s exactly what Chief and I did last weekend.  Having secured the Friday off work and made arrangements to meet our friends from Sydney, we loaded up the car and headed three hours south of Brisbane to the northern NSW coast.  Our destination was Lennox Head, a lovely coastal vilage at the southern end of Seven Mile Beach, south of Byron Bay.  Apparently the beach is well known for its internationally famous right-hand point break and if you are into surfing, you’ll know exactly what that means!  Anyway, it’s a beautiful spot whether you are into surfing or not.

Our accommodation was right on the beach and although fairly basic, it had all we needed for our two nights stay and the most magnificant view of the beach and south to Lennox Head.

Our friends from Sydney had flown in earlier that morning and once we were unpacked we decided to give Byron Bay the once over.  Renowned for its beaches and surf culture, I was left rather wondering what all the fuss is about as indeed Lonely Planet pointed out too. Maybe it’s because I’m not a hippy or a surfer or indeed a youngster.  The town was busy with traffic bumper to bumper and this was a Friday afternoon in the middle of winter.  I dread to think what it’s like during Silly Season.  We browsed the boutique shops and stopped at a seafront bar.  It was a glorious winter’s afternoon and lovely and warm in the sun.  I loved the way that the backpackers and tourists were in shorts, t-shirts and thongs and I was clad in winter polo neck and knee-length boots; such a mish-mash of different body temperatures!  We also drove the winding one-way road up to the lighthouse and it was truly worth the eight dollars parking fee.  The views were magnificent.  On such a calm and sunny afternoon we could see for miles and were able to easily spot migrating humpback whales frolicking in the surf.  Unfortunately none of us had the correct camera equipment to photograph them properly.

Back at Lennox Head, we sat watching the surfers for ages and were amazed by the skills of two young boys who couldn’t have been more than eight years old.  There Dad said they started when they were about three and spend hours and hours in the water – with no fear either.

On Saturday we drove to Bangalow an historic NSW town surrounded by hinterland and mooched in the shops and boutiques.

We particularly liked the Bangalow War Memorial clock located outside the post office and above the PO boxes.

Saturday evening we glammed up and dined at the most wonderful restaurant Foam which was just a short stroll from our digs. Chief and I were treated to the five course tasting menu with matching wines as birthday treats – thanks again Sydney Siders!

On Sunday morning (after a slow start) we  walked up Lennox Head to even more stunning views.  There was evidence of humpback whales everywhere with tails flipping and blow holes blowing.  A pod of dolphins were frolicking in the surf too, waiting for the best wave to play in.

All in all a fabulous relaxing weekend getaway and one to be repeated in the not too distant future I hope.

By Waking the Wombat

Life - part two; Australia. Having spent the first 39 years of my life in England, with two adult children who don't need me so much, a workaholic husband and a head full of stuff waiting to be unleashed, Waking the Wombat is my place to share life's experiences with you.

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