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The Wombat is Waking

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?  The Show is over for another year and I just have one more ‘biggy’ before life returns to some form of normality.  It’s one of the Royal Adelaide Show’s competitive sections and so big it is an event in its own right and full or what South Australia is famous for – that’s right….wine!


3 replies on “The Wombat is Waking”

Looks like the Great Yorkshire Show at Harrogate – but with sunshine! I’m intrigued by the Howling Huskies and would definitely have headed in their direction. Enjoy the Wine Show (was that a ridiculous comment!), we may not hear from you until Christmas depending on how much you enjoy it 🙂


My boss visited the Yorkshire Show when she was in the UK earlier this year and loved it!. I didn’t get to see the Howling Huskies myself but I think they were a hit! Frantically setting up and getting ready for judging which starts on Sunday and thanks for your good wishes 🙂


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