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My Autumn

Autumn in South Australia is different to the ones I remember from my old home in Somerset England.  For a start the majority of our trees aren’t deciduous, being mostly gum so we don’t usually see that mass of Autumn colour so prevalent in the northern hemisphere.  There are of course areas that do have leaf shedding trees my neighbourhood included but they are dotted among the gums.  I do miss scuffing through leaves – it used to be my thing.  The sun is sitting lower in the sky but it still has plenty of warmth in it although the nights are fairly chilly now.  There is a a waft of wood smoke in the air as the neighbourhood  lights up their wood-burners and pumpkin soup is being made by the gallon.  Hopefully the snakes have decided it’s too chilly and have bedded down for the Winter by now. The vines will be changing colour too after giving up their fruits to vintage.

Instead of foggy mornings and piles of damp leaves to scuff through my Autumn is an olive tree dripping with its ripe fruit and a little lime tree laden with limes.  Our Bird of Paradise is showing off its gaudy blooms and the hills are turning green once more. It’s lovely!

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