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Square in September – in the pink: day 8

I have been inspired  by Clare’s Cosmos to share my first attempt at photographing the moon – a la professional style. I can see the moon rising from our bedroom window and the balcony is a perfect spot to set up the tripod and ‘have a go’. I researched the ‘how to’ and realised that to achieve a better shot, I needed to use manual focus and find the camera’s infinity point  – right then, two firsts for me. This was easier said than done as I came across plenty of methods for doing so.  Basically I just fiddled and out of the 37 shots I took, this is the best one.  I was personally tickled pink with the result for a first attempt BUT it is far from perfect – that’s OK, I’ll try again, and again and again……..

moon square
Tickled Pink – Nikon D5500 @ 300mm, ISO 100, 1/160, f5.6



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